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Again ban - conQ sila - 06-17-2019

Fuck I do not understand, dear Admin -LF-Ray Danovan
Is given
Why did you ban me?
Maybe I killed you wrong?
Rude to you?
Maybe because you couldn't kill me?

  In general, please unban
Bottom demo
Guid - ofadbfb1
nick - conQ sila
Serv - LF pro 5-5

RE: Again ban - conQ sila - 06-19-2019


RE: Again ban - mmd - 06-19-2019


My log!
[17.06.19 17:47:50] Server mw1 Pro vs 5
Anti-Cheat Temp Ban (43200 mins) ID# 309 "conQ sila" Guid: (*********************ofadbfb1)  from Pro 5 vs 5: Banned by "Admin 02" for reason: bb
That's 30 days omg.
Admin 02 is Donavan or Gonzo.

I also work and do not always have time for the game server!!

RE: Again ban - conQ sila - 06-19-2019

I understand you, but I don't see what I've done.

RE: Again ban - mmd - 06-21-2019


I talked to -LF-Ray Donovan

Your ban will last 30 days.
Reason Wallhack!!!

RE: Again ban - conQ sila - 06-21-2019

But that's a false statement.
I do not play with cheats, let me demo your games on different servers, look and make sure that my style of play does not change.